Google Says! 2013 – The Year of the 650b

Santa Cruz Bronson

Santa Cruz Bronson

If there is one thing to remember in the world of mountain biking in 2013, it is the fact that 650b bikes are now officially mainstream. The first big announcement came earlier this year from Santa Cruz with the launch of their, now insanely successful, Bronson. They quickly served up a more XC variant of that bike called the Solo. Now it seems like everyone has jumped on the 650b kick to produce this middle tire bike and let’s be honest this is the official end of the 26″ wheel. Moving forward if you want a 26″ bike, you’ll have to resort to those fun stores called Walmart or Target for your rig or just hit up Craigslist.

So I am intrigued by this new wheel size just like everyone else that is into mountain biking. I still haven’t had the chance to ride one, though I hope to in the very near future. I did some digging and since I do love looking through data, I pulled the Google Trends information on web searches containing “650b.” The chart is below and it is staggering the sharp increase in 650b searches. So if you’re a shop owner, it’s time to make sure you have all of the 650b parts and accessories ready for your customers. Enjoy!

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