huayhuash film

Huayhuash Film

Last winter 3 friends got together to go on an impossible mountain bike journey through the Huayhuash Mountains in the Peruvian Andes. Locals questioned their sanity, but in the end these guys nearly reached their goal of completing the trail, but most importantly they all had a journey that would go down as one of the…

kona cinder cone time machine

Kona Cinder Cone Time Machine

You won’t need a DeLorean to go back in time to see the now 27 year old Kona Cinder Cone, but instead you can watch it in action in this short film. This bike is the longest running model in the Kona lineup and has put smiles on 1000’s of riders over the years. The…

safe cycling

Gadgets to Boost Bike Safety

Cycling Examiner‘s insight: Looking to bring your cycling to even safer levels? Here’s some advice from the NY Times for a lot of the latest technology hitting the cycling scene including the air-bag scarf and See.Sense light. See on

No(r)way - Lofoten Island

No(r)way – Lofoten Island

Hans “No Way” Rey has done it again! This time he brought his sense for adventure to Lofoten Island in Norway. This new film was shot all last summer and is perfectly named, “No(r)way ” Give it a watch and see what these old military and hiking trails have to offer mountain bikers. These are…

imba logo, imba

Crossing the Divide

There are so many heroes at IMBA and this short film “Crossing the Divide” is a testament to the great work the do for providing more access to mountain bikers. This film was produced by Grit & Thistle Film Company of Salida, Colorado with help from the Vail Valley Mountain Bike Association, Roaring Fork Mountain…