Local Boston Cyclists Dig Massive Bike Path Tunnel

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Snow Tunnel in Medford, MA (photo: bdcwire.com)

Boston, Massachusetts is on track to have their snowiest and coldest winter on record. The city has seen almost 100 inches of snow since the start of the season and the majority of that total has fallen since the start of 2015. I grew up in the Boston area and it’s definitely engrained in my soul to ride my bike in just about any condition including snow.

bike path tunnel, medford tunnel

The snow pile on the path before tunnel excavation. (photo: bdcwire.com)

The Boston area while under a blanket of 4-6 feet of snow in areas also has a burgeoning bike path system to help commuters and recreational cyclists navigate around the area. This path system has also seen that much snow and according to area cyclists the path has been cleared throughout the storms. However, a small section of trail on the Wellington Greenway in Medford has succumbed to a massive pile of snow pushed there by a neighboring parking lot.

Local cyclists took matters into their own hands and instead of waiting for the MBTA to come out to clear the trail with power equipment, they decided to build a tunnel through the massive snow pile spanning nearly 40 feet in length. A hat tip to these guys for making the bike path passable. Check out the video below of the tunnel:

A group of cyclists in Boston took matters into their own hands when the Wellington Greenway Bike Path was covered in a giant pile of snow. The pile of snow was from a nearby parking lot and the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) that maintains the bike path has so many other transportation issues do deal with from the relentless winter. This snow pile

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