100 Days until Mt. Washington!

Yes, that’s right, it is exactly 100 days until I’ll be suffering up the Beast of the East that is Mt. Washington. This will be my first time conquering the rock pile since 2001 where I placed 2nd in the Junior Division. My time then was 1:09 and my goal this year is to break the hour mark…soo some quick math and I need to shed 9 minutes off my time…which for those that don’t know is a whole lot of time!!!

My training has been going smooth so far here in Colorado and the high altitude training should do me good with the start of Mt. Washington being only at 1,500 feet and topping out around 6,200 feet. So my biggest goal for my training for this year’s race is to reach 250,000 feet of vertical in my legs before August 18th.

I have been training with a Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS enabled watch since March and have tracked my progress on http://ramirault.motionbased.com and as of today I am at 46,428 feet. The countdown is on to race day and to reach my goal I need to average 2,035 feet of vertical per day…hmm…sounds kind of difficult, but that’s the challenge that I’m going to meet. This weekend I am shooting for 25,000 feet of vertical and I WILL do just that.

So if you’re bored at work and want to read “cool” stats from my training rides here that link again: Ryan’s MotionBased Page

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