Volvo’s New Reflective Paint Could Save Your Life

Volvo may be a car company, but they are taking a stance on the trend (that’s here to stay!) of more bikes on the road. They want to do everything in their power to make their cars safe for passengers, but also for those outside of the vehicle including cyclists. The UK has seen bicycle and car accidents trend steadily upward and a lot needs to be done to make it safer for cyclists to be on the road. The UK isn’t alone and in many other parts of the world bike usage for commuting and for transportation is skyrocketing.

Volvo has created a new reflective safety spray simply called Life Paint which is in collaboration with Albedo100. This spray can be applied on bikes, clothing, helmets or just about anything. The idea is also simple and that is to make cyclists even more visible to motorists once the sun goes down. Prior to launching LifePaint, Volvo also created a partnership with bicycle helmet maker POC. Their partnership allows for proximity detection in Volvo cars to cyclists wearing POC helmets. This is now the second step in Volvo’s journey for their “2020 Vision,” where by 2020 “no person will be killed, or seriously injured, by a new Volvo.”

Thank you, Volvo, for being a pioneer in safer roads for all. You’ve certainly caught the attention of many cyclists and hopefully other car makers too. For more information on Life Paint, visit: and watch the video below.

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