10 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Have Done

mtb, 10 things every mountain biker should have doneI ran across a rather awesome mountain bike short film today entitled “10 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Have Done.” I agree wholeheartedly with all 10 of these must do things for every mountain biker. I also agree that if you haven’t done all of these, now is a great time to start doing these instead of just thinking about it. Get motivated or motivate a mountain biker you care about!

10 Things:

  1. Build a Bike (we’re not talking about welding a bike, but putting the parts together from scratch. I’ve done this countless numbers of times and it’s gratifying and also enhances your bike mechanic skills.)
  2. Ride at Night (think about your favorite trail that you have only ridden during the day, now that trail has become something entirely different at night. This is a great way to get a workout in when the sun sets early in the winter months or if you’re in a hot climate, a way to escape the heat of summer.)
  3. Ride in the Snow (this goes without question when living in Colorado. It’s an awesome way to enjoy newly fallen snow or if the temps are too warm in the day time, make sure to go early in the morning when the snow/ice is still solid and not a muddy mess. Also, it’s a quick way to improve your bike handling skills or give your fatbike some love for its intended purpose.)
  4. Ride in Another Country (the only other country I’ve ever mountain biked in was Ecuador and down the face of a volcano, which was amazing! Cycling is a great way to experience another country’s culture and certainly a slower and more relaxed pace than sitting on a bus or car.)
  5. Sleep Next to Your Bike (well this happens a good handful a times for me each year for the many camping/biking trips available within a short drive of my home in Colorado. Don’t forget your lock if you’re just sleeping at a campground.)
  6. Explore a New Trail (riding new trails is why we ride trails, right? If you think you’ve already exhausted your local trails, try riding them in the opposite direction. That will make any old trail feel like new or do some exploring in neighboring communities.)
  7. Cross a Mountain Range (well this is clearly only going to happen if you live in a mountainous state or country, but it sure feels awesome to go over the top of a pass on a mountain bike and of course to bomb down the other side too!)
  8. Ride a Race (I grew up mountain bike racing and my first race was back in 1994. I’ve only missed 1 year of racing so far and I still love the thrill of competition and riding a section of trail faster than I ever would when just out riding.)
  9. Visit a Bike Park (bike parks are popping up in communities all over the USA. My town has a park with a cyclocross course, dual slalom, pump tracks and dirt jumps. These parks typically have something for every ability level and even are signed for progression with safety always being important for all park goers.)
  10. Ride to the Sea (ok, this is one thing I’ve never done and need to soon. A few spots that I have on my list are Iceland, Costa Rica & Hawaii. But in reality I can ride to the sea rather easily in California. Bucket list item now? Yup!)

Film Credits:

This is a short compilation of experiences I made on my mountain bike during the past three years that I found worth sharing. And if you know fellow riders that are in need of a boost of motivation, please share this video with them!

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Josh Garrels “Rise” (Kye-Kye-Remix)
Aerial Footage of race sequence:
SO Emotion AG (so-emotion.ch) & Aeropicture (aeropicture.ch)

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