Patagonia Black Friday 2013

patagonia, don't buy this jacket, patagonia black friday

Two years ago Patagonia bucked the retail trends of hosting crazy sales and early morning wakeup calls & instead told everyone to stay home and don’t buy anything. I couldn’t agree more with this campaign. While for many it can be hard to say no to a new Patagonia jacket or anything they make for that matter, we all know they make absolutely amazing apparel. Their apparel is guaranteed for life and most will last that long. In the case that your gear has failed, this year for Patagonia Black Friday you can get yourself an Expedition Sewing Kit to fix your it yourself.

The Expedition Sewing Kit has everything you need to fix your gear either at home or more importantly when you’re out in the

expedition sewing kit, patagonia black friday

expedition sewing kit $29

backcountry. Included in the kit are an alloy machined awl, 2 heavy-duty needles, nylon thread, waxed polyester thread and a cotter pin. Not to mention it all comes in a great recycled polyester faux suede case. To bring even more attention to their take on Black Friday this year, a nearly 30 minute long film was produced to celebrate the stuff you already own and the lives we live. Patagonia stores around the country will be playing this in stores, but it’s also available on youtube now. (see below). In my own take on Patagonia, I applaud them for taking this stance on Black Friday. Go make some memories with your Patagonia gear or whatever gear you have instead of dodging crazy animals fighting for another LCD TV at Walmart.

Worn Wear is an exploration of quality — in the things we own and the lives we live. This short film takes you to an off-the-grid surf camp in Baja, Mexico; a family’s maple syrup harvest in Contoocook, New Hampshire; an organic farm in Ojai, California; and into the lives of a champion skier, a National Geographic photographer, and a legendary alpinist. It also features exclusive interviews with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard. Released as an antidote to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy, Worn Wear is an invitation to celebrate the stuff you already own. Learn more about Worn Wear events and share your story at

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