Crunch Time!

LT 100

LT 100

So it is now 9pm on Monday night and in just 2 days my parents and sister will be arriving here in Denver.  My sister has been out for my birthday the last couple of years, however my folks have not been to Colorado since my college graduation in 2004.  I’m really looking forward to having them all out here for my big race in Leadville.

So with only a few days left before the Leadville 100 I have transitioned into taper mode for what will be the longest and most demanding bike race I have ever competed in.  This is the first time I have actually tapered for a race and I’m enjoying just spinning around on the bike path not worrying about about much of anything.  The rest of this week leading up to the race looks to be just some really easy riding each day with some openers on Friday up in Frisco.  Tonight I actually took the day off from riding and instead had a great massage clearing out my legs, shoulders and back from the last few weeks of hard training.  I took Erica’s advice and even booked another massage appointment for next Monday, I’m fairly certain my legs will thank me!

I can’t wait for the race to get here and I highly recommend anyone in Colorado to make the journey up to Leadville to see what will be the most competitive Leadville 100 yet.  Lance Armstrong will be battling Dave Wiens just like last year, however this time around both Lance and Dave have been training and racing incredibly hard.  Lance wants to set a new course record, while Wiens just wants to win the race and take #7 in a row.  I am a huge fan of Lance Armstrong for what he has done for the sport of cycling and more importantly for cancer research and survivorship, however I will be rooting for DW for the W.

For those not in the Colorado area, you can tune in online for a special web cast of the event.  It does cost $6 to watch, but it will be money well spent and goes to the good cause of keeping the town of Leadville afloat!


Here is the link to the web cast:

Live Stream Schedule for Aug 15th

(times are approximate)

5:45am until race starts (6:30am)
9am – 9:30am Race updates and highlights
11:30am – 12noon First racers to finish
6:15pm – 6:45pm The 12 hour cut-off

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