Super Evans!!

Mount Evans

Mount Evans

Tomorrow morning, when you are still sleeping, I will be heading out with my best buddy Phil for another quad burning ride.  For about 3 years now Phil and I have talked about summiting Mt. Evans by riding from Denver.  Well, tomorrow we are going to do just that.  The ride is mapping out to be about 120 miles in total with over 12,000 feet of vertical.  Let’s just call this another character building day for Phil and I.

We’ll be starting our ride right about 5am and if all goes as planned we should be to the summit of Mt Evans (14,264) feet right around noon o’clock.  The weather forecast, according to Phil since he is a weather guy, is supposed to be “pretty strong temperature inversion which should prevent any storms from forming early in the afternoon.”  Phil better have his forecast right!

I’ll have my iPhone on me during the ride so expect to see some photos and updates as we destroy our bodies for “fun!”

Oh right, in other news, this is my last monster ride before I begin my taper for Leadville.  Not gonna lie, I am getting excited to chill out a bit before taking on the Race Across the Sky.

Link to our route:


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