The Original Growler

It’s hard to believe that today is the first day of December and we’ll be in 2013 before we know it. More than likely I’ll be closing out 2012 as the first year since 1994 that I did not compete in a single bike race. I’m not complaining that I didn’t get to race, I actually feel pretty good about not getting to a start line on two wheels. I did however go to the start lines of two half marathons and have been enjoying running more than I ever have.

So for 2013, just yesterday I received an email about the registration opening for the Original Growler endurance mountain bike race in Gunnison. They offer to versions of the race; 1 that is the full 2 laps at 64 miles and a shorter one covering 1 lap or 32 miles. I last raced in this amazing course in Gunnison back in 2010 and I’m looking forward to going back to do the 32 mile race next May. I’ll be joined with my good friend Steve and hopefully Kris as well.

For more information about this classic Colorado mountain bike race, visit their site here:


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