Support Colorado Cycling!

This is the time of year for giving and giving back. If you’re like me, I chose to live in Colorado for the quality of life and the cycling opportunities in this state never fail to impress. So below are some of the advocacy groups that I support every year and all of them have their hearts in the right place. I hope you’ll open up and support these groups, they need our support more than ever! Access to trails and an integrated cycling infrastructure is something that needs to happen now in our cities, not over the next 30 years!

1. IMBA – The International Bicycling Association:

2. Bicycle Colorado – Building a Bicycle-Friendly Colorado:

3. Bike Denver – A bike-friendly Denver for everyone:

4. Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance – Improving the trail experience for everyone in Boulder County:

GET SOCIAL! And since I’m always an advocate of spreading the word about these organization on social media, be sure to give them a Like or Follow too!

1. IMBA – &

2. Bicycle Colorado – &

3. Bike Denver – &

4. Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance – &

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