matt hunter specialized

Matt Hunter Getting Parallel

The weekend is here, go ride hard! If you haven’t seen this photo and the associated video of Specialized rider Matt Hunter, here you have it again. Matt squashes any skepticism if 29ers have trouble cornering. So get out there and ride this weekend and get low! (photo and video courtesy: Specialized Bicycles)

huayhuash film

Huayhuash Film

Last winter 3 friends got together to go on an impossible mountain bike journey through the Huayhuash Mountains in the Peruvian Andes. Locals questioned their sanity, but in the end these guys nearly reached their goal of completing the trail, but most importantly they all had a journey that would go down as one of the…

greg lemond fixing a flat

Remember When Greg Lemond Mocked Lance Armstrong?

Last week the fine folks at Outside Magazine created a viral video featuring Lance Armstrong. It was Lance’s first appearance since the Oprah confession interview last year in Austin, TX. Outside magazine beautifully crafted the video and really put the cycling community into a world of “Huh?” Only a few days after the video of…

cairns world cup crash

Why You’re Not a Pro & Always Wear A Helmet

This clip is from the World Cup Downhill Race in Cairns. OUCH! I hope this guy is ok, especially considering he was not wearing a helmet! And here’s some details around how this happened from Reddit: The pro rider, Adam Brayton, crashed further up the track fairly hard and couldn’t finish his run so this…

4 year old bmx twins

4 Year Old BMX Twins

BMX is still alive and well as is freestyle BMX. Check out what, 4 year old brothers and twins, Jake and Theo are up to as they ride through New Zealand over a period of a few months.  

now you see me, automobile association, think bikes

AA: Now You See Me!

The Automobile Association (AA) in the United Kingdom has come up with a rather genius ad campaign to promote motorist awareness of the growing number of cyclists on the road. I know that when I’m out riding one of the ways I try to safeguard myself against becoming a hood ornament is to make sure…

chriss cross, chris akrigg

Chris Akrigg is Chriscross

Cyclocross is awesome, the fastest growing segment of competitive cycling in the US and it’s also just plain fun! The bikes have come a long way in the last few years with many now even coming with disc brakes. Mongoose Bikes is mostly known for their rich tradition in BMX racing, but they have recently…