Remember When Greg Lemond Mocked Lance Armstrong?

Last week the fine folks at Outside Magazine created a viral video featuring Lance Armstrong. It was Lance’s first appearance since the Oprah confession interview last year in Austin, TX. Outside magazine beautifully crafted the video and really put the cycling community into a world of “Huh?”

Only a few days after the video of Lance changing a flat tire was published, Outside posted a follow up video which was an interview with Lance. The gist of the interview, in my opinion, is that Lance is still claiming he was a victim during his time in cycling after being stripped of his 7 Tour victories. He even states in his interview that it might have been better if he never said anything about his doping. Jeesh! My question to Lance, why not just issue an apology to the fans, to his teammates, to his friends that are no longer friends?

Now a week later, the only American to ever win the Tour de France, Mr. Greg Lemond went on camera to take a quick jab at Lance with his own take on changing a flat bike tire. There’s obviously a lot of bad blood between these two and I certainly side with Lemond every single time. He lost a lot and Lance took so many hits on Lemond which even called for the demise of his legendary bike brand (which is being revived, YES!!). Give the video a watch for yourself and you can make your own conclusions:

How to Fix a Flat from 9W magazine on Vimeo.

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