greg lemond fixing a flat

Remember When Greg Lemond Mocked Lance Armstrong?

Last week the fine folks at Outside Magazine created a viral video featuring Lance Armstrong. It was Lance’s first appearance since the Oprah confession interview last year in Austin, TX. Outside magazine beautifully crafted the video and really put the cycling community into a world of “Huh?” Only a few days after the video of…

The Armstrong Lie // Official Movie Trailer

There have been rumors flying around about a Lance Armstrong movie being filmed. I guess you can say the rumor was for many movie to be made, but it looks like Sony Pictures has the first to hit the big screen next month with “The Armstrong Lie.” Give the trailer a watch.

The Tour de France – Animation

If you’re like most Americans, you probably don’t know much more about the Tour de France these days other than that Lance Armstrong cheated to win 7 of them. Lance did bring the tour to the spotlight in the US for nearly a decade, but there is a lot more to this race than just…

On Lance & Doping – My Take

Tonight marks the official end of the Lance Armstrong era in cycling. I am personally hurt by the lies that Lance has construed to be truth to his millions of worldwide fans. Here’s my take on the situation.