AA: Now You See Me!

The Automobile Association (AA) in the United Kingdom has come up with a rather genius ad campaign to promote motorist awareness of the growing number of cyclists on the road. I know that when I’m out riding one of the ways I try to safeguard myself against becoming a hood ornament is to make sure that I make eye contact with motorists. In today’s world, motorists are now victim to what seems like constant distractions from in-car entertainment systems and of course smartphones. I am personally becoming very much scared of riding my bike during peak travel times for cars as I have too many close calls. I am certainly fortunate to live in an area of the United States where cyclists are very much tolerated, but I know that same feeling is not present in many parts.

This ad campaign (video below) draws attention to the growing number of cyclists fatalities in recent months in the U.K. and how motorists can help to limit that number in the future. A few staggering facts from a survey conducted by AA:

  • 91% admit it’s sometimes hard to see cyclists while driving but around half have a negative view of cyclists.
  • 55% are ‘often surprised when a cyclist appears from nowhere.’
  • Older respondents were most intolerant of cyclists; 57% of 55-64 year olds believe them to be inconsiderate in contrast to 45% of 18-24 year olds.

Just what would it take for motorists to start noticing bikers and cyclists?
Naked cycling might not be the ideal solution — it can get a bit brrr — but our intrepid volunteer certainly turned a few heads on his commute through busy London streets. The stunt was part of the AA’s #ThinkBikes campaign, backed by keen cyclist and AA President Edmund King along with the AA Charitable Trust.
Let’s all stay safe on the roads!

Music: Gavin James ‘Say Hello’, on http://www.believerecordings.com.
To hear the full track go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUAMmJ…
Live performance of ‘Say Hello’ out now in Irelandhttp://smarturl.it/Sayhellosingle
Pre-order the new EP ‘Remember Me’ nowhttp://smarturl.it/PreOrderRememberMe
Gavin James is a singer songwriter from the heart of Dublin, Ireland.

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