Simple Traffic Separator for Cycle Tracks

zicla armadillo

A company out of Barcelona called Zicla has come up with a simple and eco-friendly solution for quickly creating a  traffic separator for cycle tracks (bike lanes). Their product called the Zebra “Armadillo” accomplishes this feat in as little as one day, as evidenced by their video below.

zicla armadillo

The Armadillo is made out of recycled plastic and with 3 screws it quickly attaches to pavement to created the separated bike lane. Lanes like this provide a layer of protection to cyclists from motorists. The Armadillo not only creates a barrier, but because it is not a continuous barrier, this allows for cyclists to easily enter and exit the lane.  Current areas of the world using the system include the UK, Washington DC, France and Spain (duh!).

Traffic Separators for Cycle Tracks | Protected bike lanes | Cycle lane divider | Zebra bumps | “Armadillos”

Robust median strips with an original design that allows two possible placements on the ground: parallel or oblique (according to the axis). Available in three heights (5, 9 and 13 cm). ZEBRA is also called “armadillo” in the English speaking countries. ZEBRA is already installed in the UK, USA (Washington DC), France and Spain.

ZEBRA was awarded as the second best recycled plastic product in Europe in 2011 by EPRO.

Eco-label: Environmental Quality Assurance Award

Manufactured in: UE

First year of production: 2009

Registered design: 000974142-0001

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