zicla armadillo

Simple Traffic Separator for Cycle Tracks

A company out of Barcelona called Zicla has come up with a simple and eco-friendly solution for quickly creating a  traffic separator for cycle tracks (bike lanes). Their product called the Zebra “Armadillo” accomplishes this feat in as little as one day, as evidenced by their video below.

safe cycling

Gadgets to Boost Bike Safety

Cycling Examiner‘s insight: Looking to bring your cycling to even safer levels? Here’s some advice from the NY Times for a lot of the latest technology hitting the cycling scene including the air-bag scarf and See.Sense light. See on well.blogs.nytimes.com

SRAM Force CX1

SRAM Force CX1

Today, after months of speculation and photos of pro cyclocross bikes on the secret 1.×11 setup, SRAM has officially launched their new Force CX1 1×11 drivetrain. The drivetrain is meant to be super durable, but also 205 grams lighter than the 2×11 Force group. The group is not at the very top of the line for…

No(r)way - Lofoten Island

No(r)way – Lofoten Island

Hans “No Way” Rey has done it again! This time he brought his sense for adventure to Lofoten Island in Norway. This new film was shot all last summer and is perfectly named, “No(r)way ” Give it a watch and see what these old military and hiking trails have to offer mountain bikers. These are…