2014 Rocky Mountain Endurance Series

rocky mountain endurance seriesI started supplementing my mountain biking with trail running two years ago. This was mostly in the off-season as a way to keep my fitness through the winter, but now I find myself out trail running at least 2-3 times a week. A lot of the trails I end up running are the same ones I mountain bike, but I also get to get out on trails that are off limits to bikes which includes some really great hiking trails.

I never thought I’d gravitate towards trail running, but it’s a great way to get outside if you don’t have a ton of time, but do want a great workout. I also get out on the roads in and around my condo for some quick runs that aren’t on the dirt and the trail running makes running on the road significantly easier. Ever since I began trail running I’ve wanted to find a race or two that would span a weekend with both mountain biking and trail running.

Long standing races like the Leadville 100 has both running and mountain bike versions, but they aren’t run on the same weekend and for good reason since 200 miles over a weekend would be insane. Other races I have heard about are the Gunnison Original Growler endurance MTB race and then the associated run happening on Memorial day of the same weekend. I am going to give the Growler another try this year and I may have to try out their running race.

breckenridge 100

Start of the Breckenridge 100

So I’ve done a bit of digging around to try and find some other races in Colorado encompassing mountain biking and trail running and came across the newly launched trail and mountain bike series from Warriors Cycling. I’ve actually competed in quite a few of their mountain bike endurance races in the past including Battle at the Bear and the Breckenridge B-68. Both races were awesome experiences and amazingly well organized.

So in 2014, Warriors Cycling has decided to expand on their highly successful mountain bike racing series to also include a trail running race on the same weekend. Dubbed the 2014 Rocky Mountain Endurance Series, the series will have a lot of options for racing. For mountain biking they will have a shorter cross country race from 25-30 miles or you can opt for the longer endurance race ranging from 50-60 miles. The mountain bike races will all take place on Saturday and running races on Sunday. The running options includes both a half marathon and 10k distance all on dirt at the same venue.

So if you’re looking for what could be a great way to spend weekends in Colorado this coming spring and summer, the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series might just be your ticket.

2014 Rocky Mountain Endurance Series (MTB & Trail Running)

April 19/20: Ridgeline Rampage, Castlerock

May 3/4: Battle the Bear, Lakewood

May 17/18: Indian Creek, Sedalia

May 31 – June 1: PV Cycle Derby, Elbert

July 12/13: Breckenridge 100, Breckenridge

August 23/24: 12 Hours of Elbert

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