3 Great Mountain Bike Gifts

Let’s face it, buying gifts during the holiday season can be a difficult task or pretty much a pain in the ass. Buying for a picky mountain biker on your list can bring that level of difficulty up even further. So while the mountain biker on your list may be an aspiring pro of just starting out, I have a list of 3 great mountain bike gifts that may even last a lifetime and you can probably still grab these last minute too!

bike tuning class, bicycle tuning class

(photo courtesy: mbpost.com)

1. Bike Tuning Class //
Many shops are now offering bike tuning classes. It can be really easy to just drop your bike off for a tune up (and of course this supports your shop), but what happens when your shop has a week-long turnaround and you waited to the last minute to get your bike fixed? This is your answer.

2. MTB Skills Clinic //
Sure having the latest and greatest carbon fiber, 11 speed, belt-drive, blah blah blah…bike is cool. Something that you can’t just up and get from the store or the web is a skills clinic. Many local shops and MTB camps are popping up to offer these clinics. Some are only for a few hours, while others are for mutliple days. This is an upgrade you can bring to whatever bike you ride next!

imba logo, imba3. IMBA Membership //
The International Mountain Bicycle Association (IMBA) is more than likely already active in your local mountain bike community. They go to bat for you to get more trails open, build new ones and ensure that generations to come have the opportunity to get stoked to ride everyday. Supporting IMBA means that you support mountain biking. Join Here: http://www.imba.com/membership

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