BikePark Wales – Episode One – Origins

bikepark walesBack in late August, BikePark Wales opened it’s doors or rather trails to the mountain bike community. This park has something for everyone, from tikes to pro riders. They even have “Vehicle-Assisted Uplift,” which is British for a van or truck that takes you to the top of the mountain to enjoy over 20 trails, or of course you can ride to the top too on a beautiful singletrack climb. Amenities are not lacking either at this bike park with a cafe, bike shop, patio space and room to host your group event.

After getting a lot of great publicity for the opening, it is also important to know that this bike park took nearly 5 years to complete. Much of the trail was made by hand and of course some machine too. This park is going to rival some of the best in the world and even has a full time crew making sure that every ride you take is like a powder day on your skis. Here is what BikePark Wales has to say about their facility:

The concept is simple, picture a ski resort, remove the snow and replace the pistes with an array of sweeping flowy bike trails meandering  to the bottom of the mountain and you are close.  Add a bunch of adrenalin and big sprinkle of fun and you are pretty much there. BikePark Wales is an exhilarating  way to spend your day in the Welsh mountains. – See more at:

Check out the first in their series of what it took to build the park and of course there some awesome riding footage to get you stoked!

BikePark Wales – Episode One – Origins from Chris Urmston on Vimeo.

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