Intense Carbine 29

Exhibit A: Shaun Palmer's Kamikaze bike. Credit:

Exhibit A: Shaun Palmer’s Kamikaze bike. Credit:

When I think of Intense Cycles, I think of the Kamikaze Downhill Race at Mammoth Mountain from the ’90s and with that the bikes from that era. See exhibit A, the bike of mountain bike legend Shaun Palmer. I know Intense has been making awesome bikes for many years and the last one I rode was their Spyder VPP 26″ bike. That was a very similar ride to my Santa Cruz Blur that utilized the same VPP suspension technology and it was an awesome ride indeed.

So now we are back to the present day and Intense has been pumping out amazing mountain machines, especially the last few year, and today they announced the addition of the full carbon Carbine 29. This bike has 5 to 5 1/2″ of rear travel, 6.3″ up front and a slack 67 degree head tube. You can bet a lot of enduro racers will be gravitating towards this rig. Check out the promo video Intense put together. Yeah, I want to ride one soon!

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