Leadville 100 Quotes to Ponder…

Reposted from the Leadville 100 Yahoo Sports Forum (Thanks to Charles Fleming):

….while training during the next 10 weeks, 4 days, and a wake-up:

“A reply to the man on Powerline who asked: YES, Leadville is harder than
Ironman, truly.”
per Paul Karlsson

“If you haven’t paid the price during training then you will pay dearly during
the race: The LT100 will get you.”
per Ricky McDonald

“The most important training tips would be to ride long rides, and then ride
per Kris Weber

“Get used to riding with a high heartrate: This will get you used to the
heart-pounding-thru-your-chest feeling that will be sure to happen while riding
in the race.”
per Dan–“skitodi”

“The Two Cardinal Rules of Endurance Racing: (1) Race it the way you trained it.
(2) See Rule #1.”
per Elden a.k.a. “Fatty”

“Anyone taking this race on must exhibit a high level of obsession if they want
to finish under 12 hours.”
per Doug Hayne

“You can’t outsmart or outthink Leadville: You can, however, ‘out-train it’ so
you will be fully prepared and not die out there.”
per Art Fleming

“You can suffer now (till race day) or suffer greatly during the race.” per
Dwight Bishop–RAAM Finisher

“I was as prepared as I could be for someone who hadn’t ever done it: And I
found out that it’s still much harder than I anticipated.”
per Charles

“It’s better to quit than die, but not by much.” per Dean Cahow

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