New Blog – Launching Soon!!!

Hey All,

So I will REALLY be blogging this year. Follow all my travels here as I ride, race, and spread the good word of GT Bicycles & IMBA. The new blog will be launching soon, well I guess just as soon as my cousin can put together a sweet design for me. Once the new blog is active I will post a link to the new web address. The new blog will have some cool new features and link directly into my twitter & facebook feed as well as a flickr album and vimeo videos from all the helmet cam footage I’ll be cutting this summer.

For now you can check out my new team’s web page at

Thanks for listening.

Few, Fast, Dirty,

2 thoughts on “New Blog – Launching Soon!!!

  1. Hey Ryan,This is Marty Caivano, another one of the Dirt Coalition riders. I think we’ve met, haven’t we? It’s hard to tell from your photo. At any rate, are you racing Battle the Bear? I’m contacting all the CO riders to see who’s going, so we know how many tents are showing up there. I would be glad to take the lead in calling the promoter ahead of time. :)cheers,Marty


  2. Yeah, the Scott road bikes are very nice. I originally got it as a beater bike to train on over the winter… but I have stuck with it because it fits well and is super fast.


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