greg lemond fixing a flat

Remember When Greg Lemond Mocked Lance Armstrong?

Last week the fine folks at Outside Magazine created a viral video featuring Lance Armstrong. It was Lance’s first appearance since the Oprah confession interview last year in Austin, TX. Outside magazine beautifully crafted the video and really put the cycling community into a world of “Huh?” Only a few days after the video of…

mount evans summit

Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hill Climb

Mount Evans is still one of my favorite road rides in the entire state of Colorado. I’ve climbed this beast of a mountain from both the Idaho Springs and the Evergreen side. Back in 2009 I even did my longest ride on a bike where I rode from downtown Denver to the top of Evans…

cairns world cup crash

Why You’re Not a Pro & Always Wear A Helmet

This clip is from the World Cup Downhill Race in Cairns. OUCH! I hope this guy is ok, especially considering he was not wearing a helmet! And here’s some details around how this happened from Reddit: The pro rider, Adam Brayton, crashed further up the track fairly hard and couldn’t finish his run so this…

newspaper in wet bike shoes

Quick Tip: Dry Those Wet Shoes

Spring weather is finally hitting most of the country and with that comes the inevitable rain storms. For some areas of the country, like here in Colorado, the spring also brings with it rising creeks from snowmelt. All it boils down to wherever you might reside is that you’re going to find yourself with some…

SFPD anti bike theft unit

Bait Bikes of San Francisco

San Francisco is like a bigger Boulder, but with an even higher cost of living and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. What San Francisco also has like Boulder is a big problem with bike theft. So leave it to the SFPD Anti Bike Theft Unit to deploy bikes with tracking devices on them throughout…

continental gator skins

5 Tips So You’re Ready for Bike Season

Bike riding season is just about upon most of the country. My fingers are crossed that most of the spring snow storms are done. So while the snow is still melting, here are some of my best tips for making sure your first outdoor rides of the year are great. Tires: Check your tires for…

4 year old bmx twins

4 Year Old BMX Twins

BMX is still alive and well as is freestyle BMX. Check out what, 4 year old brothers and twins, Jake and Theo are up to as they ride through New Zealand over a period of a few months.  

santa cruz noma

Santa Cruz Nomad

Santa Cruz has been on a tear lately launching new bikes. I’m still happy to see both the Superlight and the Jackal as part of their lineup with their new 29″ and 27.5″ wheelsize. I’m also excited to see the company constantly innovating their bikes and now with the completely revolutionized Nomad enduro bike shipping in…