Bait Bikes of San Francisco

SFPD anti bike theft unitSan Francisco is like a bigger Boulder, but with an even higher cost of living and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. What San Francisco also has like Boulder is a big problem with bike theft. So leave it to the SFPD Anti Bike Theft Unit to deploy bikes with tracking devices on them throughout the city in hopes of catching some of the thieves. Here is their latest post on Craigslist:

We have bait bikes deployed all over the city. Our bikes have trackers. You steal our bikes and we will definitely come for them. 

If you think the bike you are selling on craigslist is stolen, then it probably is. Guess what, you are subject to felony arrest if/when we find you. Jail is waiting and your face will be all over social media.

Sincerely, SFPD Bike Theft Unit


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