Keep Singletrack Single

keep singletrack singleSingletrack is beautiful when it is single. With the warmer weather finally making its way across the nation, more and more people are digging out their bikes for the first rides of the year.

In many areas of the country the trails have a very hard time staying singletrack when the climate is predictably very dry. For the new trail users out there here are some tips to keep your trails looking and riding their best.

  • Obey trail closures. If it’s closed, stay off. The folks managing the trails do this so everyone can enjoy great trails.
  • A muddy trail means erosion is imminent. For those sections of trail where it might look like an easy choice to ride around the mud puddle to keep you fancy bike clean, instead right through the mud. This will keep the erosion impact minimized.
  • Yield to uphill riders. When a rider is coming up the trail, pull over and stop. Never just ride off the trail to get around the uphill rider.

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