B-Cycle Austin Now Open

austin bcycle

B-Cycle Station by the W Hotel on 2nd Street

I am proud to call Colorado home and it was absolutely amazing to help launch the B-Cycle program in Denver back in 2009. I used the program while I lived in Denver and have introduced countless numbers of folks to this amazing program for getting around town and leaving their cars behind.

austin bcycle sponsorship

Awesome sponsorship opportunities with B-Cycle Austin!

While Colorado is my home, I do travel quite a bit for work and most of that travel is to Austin, TX. I first heard of the launch of B-Cycle in the capital of Texas last summer and I’ve been eagerly waiting the official launch which finally happened in late December 2013. My first trip to Austin of 2014 was this week and I had to check out one of the B-Cycle stations while in town. I saw tons of people riding the bikes around town and I just learned that usage is 2 times projected usage with 15 more stations being installed as I type this. Big hat tip to the city of Austin for truly taking an active stance as the leader in safe cycling in Texas!

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