Part Cyclocross Part Road Bike – The 2014 Kona Rove

The 2014 Kona Rove

The 2014 Kona Rove

So a big theme at Interbike this year was the introduction of a new breed of bikes called Gravel Grinders. While this has been nothing new for companies like Salsa Cycles out of Minnesota, but for many other brands, this was completely new territory. A gravel grinder in short is a modified geometry cyclocross or road bike frame with longer seatstays, less steep head and seat angles and many have the addition of disc brakes mounts. Most bikes are steel, while others are coming in as aluminum or titanium.

Kona has entered this market with their Rove and Sutra bikes. Both bikes have the same steel frames (you can get a titanium frame set of the Rove too) with full rack and fender mounts. And both also have disc brakes which are great for all conditions riding and when carrying heavy loads bike touring. Kona has pushed hard with some awesome product videos the last few years and here is their latest edit for the new Rove bike. Pretty sweet I must say!

Come Freerange on the New 2014 Kona Rove from Kona Bikes on Vimeo.

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