Red Bull Road Rage // Colorado Edition

red bull road rage, colorado

Road Rage. courtesy:

Red Bull has become the king of taking sports to the next level and creating unique events out of them. Their latest is called Road Rage. It’s a pretty simple concept; throw 4 people on bikes behind a BMX gate at the top of mountain, drop the gate, see who is the fastest to the bottom. Run all of those races in heats to determine the overall winner. Pretty simple right? I think so too, but the only thing I will say is that guys in the grand tours and our own USA Pro Tour Challenge in Colorado have riders hitting upwards of 60mph with nothing but spandex and a lightweight helmet protecting them from something I don’t like to think about while riding fast downhill. Check out the video below of the recap from Red Bull Rampage on Guanella Pass last month in Georgetown, CO.

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