Denver Veloswap is Tomorrow!

veloswapEvery October the largest cycling swap meet takes over Denver’s National Western Complex on the east side of town. This is the site that is better known for the annual National Western Stock Show every January. It’s here where thousands upon thousands of square feet is home to the most new and used bikes and pretty much anything related to bikes is up for grabs. If you’re new to Colorado, it’s a fun event to check out. You can still get tickets online or at front range Performance Bicycle stores. Check out my tips below for making the most of the show. Location: 4655 Humboldt St. Denver, Colorado.

  • Get there early! Gates open at 9, but the line forms and quickly snakes around the block. And getting their early gets you the best dibs on many of the deals.
  • Bring cash. I suggest treating it like a casino and only bringing what you want to spend and no more. Also, ATM’s are of course available, but watch out for high fees and they usually run out of cash too!
  • Parking: bring $10 for parking at the venue, or do what I do an park in the surrounding neighborhoods for free. Sure you have to walk, but it’s usually a nice morning.
  • Go with someone that really understands bikes. There’s lots of deals to be had, but a lot of not so good deals and I have even seen sellers selling cracked frames without specifying the issue. So, buyer beware!
  • Negotiate: never pay what the sellers are asking. Don’t be afraid to offer less!
  • Come back the last hour: sellers are trying to get rid of as much of the stuff they transported to the complex, so get ready to offer your rock bottom dollar.

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