Levi’s Commuter Tour

levistourI ran across this cool promotional tour that Levi’s Jeans is hosting the entire month of August. A big push in the cycling apparel industry right now is creating bike shorts and pants that are not only comfortable for riding, but also fashionable enough for the office. I tried on a pair of the 505 commuter shorts a few weeks back and they certainly fit more tightly than most shorts I’m accustomed to, but they are made of ripstop material that is also breathable and they definitely look good.

Throughout this tour Levi’s will be stopping in cities across the US to showcase their new fall lineup of commuter wear and also have tailors and bike mechanics on staff to make your commute awesome. It looks like there will also be concerts at each stop along the way. The video below highlights the entire project. Good on you, Levi’s!

Tour Stops: Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Minneapolis & Brooklyn


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