Trek Remedy & Slash 650b

Trek Remedy 9.7In what seems to be now classic-fashion, Trek has officially launched their first set of 650b mountain bikes. Under the tremendously successful Remedy and Slash platforms, this will be Trek’s take on the now ultra-popular 650b segment. I have always been a big fan of Trek mountain bikes and I’m sure the Remedy and Slash will live up to the heritage that is Trek Bicycles. These bikes will hit the showroom floors this fall and will be a full replacement for the departing 26 inch models of the Remedy and Slash.

Below are a few shots of these new bikes with the Remedy outfitted with both aluminum and carbon versions of the frame and the Slash currently only in aluminum. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a carbon slash in the very near future as well.

And some words direct from Trek:

One trail, Two riders
Dirt fans now have more wheel size options than ever before: 26”, 650b, or 29er. Why three sizes? Because we all like to ride a little differently, and we all should get to ride the way we want. It’s not a question of which size is better. It’s a question of how you like to ride, and which wheel size best suits your style.

26”: the original smaller wheel
The original 26” mountain bike wheel size is now the smallest diameter. It’s the most flickable, most playful wheel size. For those who like an active, nimble ride, 26” wheels are still a great choice.

27.5/650b: the new smaller wheel
650b is also commonly called 27.5”, but that’s not accurate. Looking at the standard ETRTO rim diameters, 650b is closer to 26” than to 29”. Not surprisingly, 650b rides and behaves much like a 26” wheel, with just a little more stability and speed. Depending on your riding style, 650b may be a better 26” wheel.

29er: the beauty of big wheels
29” wheels are noticeably bigger than 26” or 650b, and are the gold standard for stable, confident riding. Bigger wheels carry more momentum, roll over obstacles more easily, and offer greater stability and more traction than smaller options.

Trek Remedy

Remedy is the ultimate technical trail bike. Light frame, plush suspension, and precise handling all add up to a stellar go-everywhere ride with your choice of 650b or 29er wheels. Ride your way! Your choice of wheel size lets you test your limits and advance your skills on a bike that’s eager to climb, descend, and power you on to wherever you want to go.


  • Remedy 9.9 27.5/650b
  • Remedy 9.8 27.5/650b
  • Remedy 9.7 27.5/650b
  • Remedy 9 27.5/650b
  • Remedy 8 27.5/650b
  • Remedy 7 27.5/650b
  • Remedy 9 29
  • Remedy 8 29
  • Remedy 7 29

1. Smooth, controlled braking
Our patented ABP (Active Braking Pivot) keeps your suspension from stiffening up when you’re on the brakes, giving you confident, steady control.

2. DRCV all-terrain control
Our two-chamber DRCV (Dual Rate Control Valve) shock gives you coil performance at air shock weight, for smooth, seamless, all- terrain control.

3. Fine tune your geometry
Our reversible Mino Link lets you relax the geometry when bombing descents, or tighten it when weaving through singletrack.

4. You pick: 650b or 29er
Ride the way you want with all the great Trek technology you need in 650b or 29er versions. Each frame and suspension is optimized for its wheel size.

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