Last Race Tune Up Before Leadville – The B68


I have ventured up to Summit County the last 2 weekends so I decided why not make it a hat trick.  Tomorrow I’ll be heading back to Breckenridge for the Breckenridge-68 or B68 for short.  The race starts and finishes at the same spot as the Firecracker 50 so there will be some overlap of terrain, but quite a bit of new scenery as well.

Unlike the Leadville 100, this race starts at 10am versus 6:30 which definitely treats me better, not to mention I don’t have to pay for a hotel on Friday night.  This race will be the longest mountain bike race I have ever entered and will be a true test of the fitness that I have built up all year for Leadville.  The winning time last year was 6:13 so I am setting my sights on finishing under 7 hours.  I think this will be an attainable goal as long as I stay fueled and keep my fluid intake up.  My strategy will be much the same as for Leadville and that is going to go out slow and steady for the first 30-40 miles and then start to push the tempo towards the last third of the race.  Let’s hope it goes well!  Check back after the weekend and see how much I suffered for “Fun!”


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