The Week Ahead

So I did get 1 ride in while back east, but the rest of the time I was off the bike and enjoying the time and company of family and friends.  This is definitely more important than missing a few workouts.  My training this year for Leadville is going to be an experiment of sorts as it will be my first ultra endurance mountain bike racing event.  Am I scared or worried about the race? Nah no need to get worked up over the training involved.  I look at this race as a character building day that will make me think more about life, why I’m here, what I should be doing with my life, and of course it will push my body to its most extreme limits and I’ll probably wonder why I paid money to put myself through it!

On my plane ride to Boston last week I read the Leadville 100 race guide which covered race logistics, training tips, and how to succeed at the race.  They painted out the brutal toughness of the race perfectly and how this race deems respect.  Similar to the respect I have given Mt. Washington in New Hampshire now 3 times, I will respect Leadville for this race will take you down otherwise.  I have plenty of long hard rides ahead and quite a few races as well to prepare my body for the extreme nature of the event.  This will also be the first race I have competed in that requires a medical check-in the day before.  I’m not really sure what they’ll be checking, but a med check puts on the serious face pretty quick for me.

So the next week my training will be a rather easy week with some sort of intensity on Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday will probably just be some tempo riding and Saturday will more than likely be a race, but still tentative.  The race that I am rather excited to do is actually an off road time trial.  I think the last time I did an off road time trial was at a mountain bike stage race in Vermont called the Saab Green Mountain Odyssey back in 1999.  I think that race only lasted one season, but the off road TT was a rather interesting change from the traditional mass start mountain bike race.  Sure it is a simple race against the clock, but you can easily measure your performance on how many people you pass or sadly how many pass you!  Saturday’s TT is 22 miles through the Buffalo Creek preservation land about 70 miles west of Denver.  The riding out there is amazing, so it could spell out a fun morning on the bike.

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