BASF Brings Back the Penny-Farthing

I still think of BASF as the company that made VHS tapes so that I could record episodes of the Cosby Show, but they actually have been around since 1865. As a tribute to the era in which they were founded, they decided to recreate a penny-farthing using today’s technology including a smartwatch for enhanced…

How to be a Mountain Biker

Here’s a quick video from the folks at on how to be a mountain biker and it’s right on the money! Apparently I still need to get a trail dog! But in all seriousness, what is there not to love about the mountain bike lifestyle? Pick your style and go ride!


One of my favorite childhood movies is finally available for streaming online. If you haven’t watched this ’80s classic, RAD, you’re missing out. Enjoy Cru Jones and company: